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tv   1939 Documentary The City  CSPAN  September 29, 2014 2:00am-2:36am EDT

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napoleon was defeated. napoleon's government had ordered quantities of courtly furniture for his generals and all, each general allowed 400,000, something like that to decorate a resident. anyway, these -- apparently the cabinetmakers were pretty hungry. while they imply in the letter it is to monroe, describing it that it is made to order and new, it is clear it was already made. and its goal for which he specified he didn't want, and he got it, and so all of these trappings of the napoleonic period late napoleon period came to the white house. and dr. nell alexander, the records are all there. it was stunning and it was a chandelier which must be very much like what is in the blue room today, an old owen. and there is a document in 1840 where the visitor goes there and says, i stood beneath the chandelier that belonged to
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napoleon. so the legend of the french furniture stuck and some of it has been brought back. some has been reproduced. and it's comfortable. dol dolly's painted stuff wouldn't have done. dr. kissinger would not have been comfortable screeria -- ni-
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